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HEALTH & FITNESS BOARD IS OUT NOW by vulkr - 20th February 2024 @ 12:30pm EST # 
Due to popular demand from people on /q/, I have now added..

- /h/ Health & Fitness

Since we now have a bunh of new datbases and resources, neoCafe will run more FASTER than ever before! We have a ton of things coming but in the meantime, check out /h/ by clicking below!

Hope you all enjoy :))
- vulkr
NEW MOTHERFUCKING BOARDS!! :D by vulkr - 6th February 2024 @ 11:33 EST # 
Hey everyone! Since we now have a bunch of new databases, I have now launched 3 new boards!

- /VG/ video games
- /MU/ music
- /q/ site discussion

I am also in the process of adding in some new themes and a new custom neoCafe board! :D
Hope you all enjoy the new boards :))
- vulkr
/b/ IS BACK!!! by vulkr - 6th February 2024 @ 11:33 EST # 

Right off the bat, we messed up.

We were in the process of updating our Kokonostuba instance for /b/ and accidentally wiped the table with it.

How we messed up:
- Replaced every Koko file while saving images and config
- Looked alright so far
- Went on [Admin] to Rebuild.
- Database gets wiped.
- Oh crap.

Right after, we scrambled to recover any post we could. We got posts up to >>194 while unfortunately the rest were lost.

We've already setup steps and safeguards to make sure it won't get wiped anymore.
My deepest apologies and thank you so much for understanding everyone! ^^;
- vulkr & ACXYZ
1000+ VISITS IN 1 DAY!!! by vulkr - 3rd February 2024 @ 09:35 EST # 

Woah, 1,383 visits in ONE FUCKING DAY.
I don't know what else to say except thank you all for your support, i know that sounds kind of corny to say but I am very proud of this project in every single way. I'm proud of all of the original content that's been posted, all of the threads and engagement that has been happening, all of the logo & banner submissions, all of the spammers, etc.
I feel so happy to see that people are actually falling in love with the site and not just using it for a minute or two before leaving.
Again, I would like to thank you all for your support and creativity, more features and things are yet to come.
- vulkr
IRC CHANNEL + UPDATES by vulkr - 3rd February 2024 @ 02:33 EST # 
Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. neoCafe is now live and we have had so many new users come in and post, I'm super happy that you all are liking the site as much as I am and so I have decided to create 2 things:


Thanks to Kokonotsuba's amazing features, I have created a functionally textboard in the style of old japanese style textboards from the early 2000's!


I asked some people who were using the site to see if they wanted a discord server or an IRC channel, mostly everyone said that they prefer an IRC channel, so here are the Details.

SERVER: irc.rizon.net
CHANNEL: #neocafe

You can also access the IRC channel via the navigation menu! It should show a webclient of our IRC channel if you don't wanna bother with clients or anything.
Again, I would like to thank you all for your support in NC and I hope you all enjoy these new features and upcoming features in the future. Enjoy the coffee my friends! - vulkr

welcome! :) by vulkr - 1st February 2024 @ 06:25 EST # 
hey! welcome to neoCafe! we are still currently developing the site so our apologies if some pages of the site don't work as intended, either way. i would like to thank kaguya for maintaining kokonotsuba, and i would like to thank ACXYZ for helping me out with all of the kinks and bugs I had setting this shit up. I hope you all enjoy the site so far and please email me at Vulkr@neoCafe.org". Hope you all enjoy the coffee! - vulkr